Dedicated to leading our Beaver County Pennsylvania communities through our service, mentoring,

volunteer-ism, and philanthropy.

The Fort McIntosh Foundation, established as a not for profit organization in 2015 operates with a networked Team of professionals that philanthropically support the betterment of lives and the Beaver County, Pennsylvania communities.


Through personal financial contributions and fundraising events, the Fort McIntosh Foundation raises money that in turn is 100% invested in the maintenance of the Foundation/Foundation causes and the Beaver County Pennsylvania communities.


The Fort McIntosh Foundation financially assists people and organizations helping people in need.  The Foundation strives to support the Beaver County Pennsylvania community active and veteran military, youth and scholarship, families in need, and numerous other causes.

The Fort McIntosh Foundation is honored to support:


  • Backpack Meals Program for Students
  • Beaver County Young Life – Events
  • BASDEF Beaver Area School District Educational Foundation
  • Charlotte's Run - Beaver CoJ Fight against Huntington's Disease Beaver Co. Families and Individuals In Need
  • Bryson's Buddies
  • Special Olympics
  • Veterans' Memorial Day Luncheon
  • Womens Center of Beaver Co.
  • Push Beaver Co.
  • Beyond 21
  • Passavant Home
  • Armed Services Memorial Lighting Projects
  • Jaycees Give a Christmas
  • Community Memorial Bench
  • Beaver County Veterans Affairs Office
  • Blackhawk Golf Course – Armed Forces Outing
  • Wm. N. DiBenedetto Fort McIntosh Club Scholarship
  • Tailgate for Tots

Board of Directors